How good is the CIX's connect?

Sanjay Dani sanjay at
Thu Apr 15 08:49:31 UTC 1999

> > I'm debating whether to buy a crossconnect to CIX's 7513 and use it for
> > UUNet traffic.  I tried pushing 701 through the shared FDDI and it
> > crawled, but that could have been the FDDI.
> Well I have a @Home connection right now in PA and everything going to 701
> is via CIX. Some days it is ok, but the connection sucks most days. 

I don't understand why @home can't get a private peering to UUnet.
Both UUnet and @home got a dedicated port on the CIX router (good)
but essentially are using most of that for traffic to each other.

We stopped using CIX to UUnet a while ago due to flaky performance.


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