Spring 1999 NOC contact drill

Matthew_S_Cramer at armstrong.com Matthew_S_Cramer at armstrong.com
Wed Apr 14 20:58:01 UTC 1999

tech at ebiznet.com wrote:

>Some organization needs to figure out how to have these vehicles
>or machines NOT cut fibre. Geeze it's not like these people have
>never seen a "Call xxxxx before digging" sign before. Who makes
>sure these companies know where not to DIG or DRILL or BORE????
>What's their professional certification organization? (union?)

Believe it or not fibre cuts are not always the fault of the people operating
the machines or the operator's bosses.  They'll call (as the sign indicates), a
telco tech will come out and point to the place on the ground where it is "safe"
to dig (after consulting his/her trusty docs), and then 20 minutes later
**CRUNCH**.  "Oops - I guess my docs are off my 10-20 meters".  It happens.  I'd
bet a significant number of cuts are because of this.


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