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Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Tue Apr 13 12:53:04 UTC 1999

randy at psg.COM (Randy Bush) writes:
>> University of Hawaii' external data services were effected (Primary and
>> Secondary DNS were not functional).
>hmmmmm.  wonder how that could hapen.

I don't track Hawaii that closely anymore since Hawaii Public dropped
DRA for another vendor.  But Hawaii was always the most unusual circuit
in our network.  I never did figure out why, but the 'landing point' for
the Hawaii state government circuit was Chicago, Illinois.

It appears Hawaii.EDU at least has arranged for an off-island backup of
its DNS.  There may have been some other configuration problem, but at
first glance Hawaii.EDU and Hawaii.NET had a chance of keeping its
DNS functioning.  Hawaii.GOV's NS records have a slight problem, which
may have killed it when connectivity was lost.  And things like HI.US would
have been completely dead.  The US-domain sucks in many states, so that's
not too unusual.  DRA made a standing offer to the US-domain administrator
to act as one of the primary or secondary servers for any LIB.xx.US.

AT&T may handle the physical circuits, but the Internet service for the
University of Hawaii is handled by UUNET.  So there are lots of different
people you can ask why the redundancy failed, or if it was ever present.
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