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Robert Mathews-ICICX mathews at
Tue Apr 13 08:05:28 UTC 1999


For those who are interested, there was a significant outage begining at
approximately 9:30 Am or so,and ending approximately 2:00 Pm (+/- few
mins..), past Saturday, here in Hawaii. The outage was caused by a
contractor operating a 'backhoe' which severed an AT&T Cable. AT&T is at a
loss, in explaining why redundant systems did not take up the slack. They
are investigating..

All sorts of functions from Paging to Retail Service Systems to Transit
and Inter-Connect Services were effected.  University of Hawaii' external
data services were effected (Primary and Secondary DNS were not
functional).  Furthermore, 2nd and 3rd tier services (communities whose
data service needs are supported by the University.. State Gov.) were also
among the communities that were effected.

AT&T is outwardly being responsible about this -- suggesting that effected
AT&T consumers immediatey contact their account reps at AT&T to begin  
processes relating to settlement..

All I wish to know is: WHO was it that let that WILD BACKHOE get on a
barge for Hawaii?  Hmmmm?

All the best.

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