IRRs [was Re: OPS: BGP spew from ASN 7374]

Alex P. Rudnev alex at
Thu Apr 8 13:30:59 UTC 1999

> > 
> > If common and consistent tools and rules were used to build filters from
> > a SINGLE public database, and if the database site listed contact
> > information and test addresses for each network using the database, I
> > think folks could live with that.
> Well if they could agree on a routing policy language, that would be a
> fine start.
Btw, RADB and RIPE problem is the fact this data bases was not designed 
to build such lists. Try to extract PREFIX list for AS-DEMOS macro from 
RIPE - it take you about 30 - 40 minutes and you should doing all 
recursions yourself. Then try to build complex filter.

RADB abd RIPE are doing good work, but they should be improved to make 
this _LIST EXTRACTION_ be easy operation (whois -h 
fast answer). And more and more people use this data bases.

And it's bad idea to have SINGLE data base. You have a chance to get new 

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