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Thu Apr 8 13:25:05 UTC 1999

The subject line is misleading; "the IRR" is a single amalgam of several

Dan Senie wrote:
>If common and consistent tools and rules were used to build filters from
>a SINGLE public database, and if the database site listed contact
>information and test addresses for each network using the database, I
>think folks could live with that.
The IRR is supposed to be merged of all the regional RRs and be a
'single DBs', but with each registry-user (regional RR) getting to chose
its 'preference' for duplicated objects and essentially search order.
The issues with ANS and 'radical changes' have at least been consistant
since the migration from the PRDB.

How the ARIN RR is supposed to fit in appears to remain ambiguous; it
seems like it needs to be just another regional RR, but data exists
within the ARIN RR that is not being melded into the IRR at any point at
which I can inquire.  There is also no discussion about the migration,
mirroring, etc of the RA-registered data that "rightfully" lives under
the ARIN sphere of influence.

Anyway, Merit has a partial, growing list of RRs living at

Sean Donelan wrote:
>With the end of ANS as a seperate network, will there be any network
>pressure to keep any public routing registry up to date?
I would believe it would be hard for CW to migrate away from the 'heavy
pressure' of the former MCI policies. seems to have 
been updated more than just "s/mci/cw/".  I do note that the "which 
routing registry" subsection only lists the RA, CA*NET, and RIPE in 
addition to CW; no mention of APNIC, CCAIR, JPNIC, KRNIC, TWNIC, BellCA
 or LEVEL3.  


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