IRRs [was Re: OPS: BGP spew from ASN 7374]

Daniel Senie dts at
Thu Apr 8 12:39:12 UTC 1999

Alex Bligh wrote:
> Sean,
> SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM said:
> > With the end of ANS as a seperate network, will there be any network
> > pressure to keep any public routing registry up to date?
> Yes.
> * Several people still peer via the route servers
> * Several transits filter their customers by RADB or a private RADB
>   which feeds the IRR.

Care to name names?

With ANS being one of those filtering, and knowing they connect certain
large sites (e.g. CNN), it was possible to determine incorrect or
improperly pulled RADB data was the cause of connectivity failures.

Connectivity failures can and do result when RADB records are not
properly updated, which does happen from time to time. They also
happened when records WERE properly updated, but the changes made were
deemed "too radical" by the software translating the RADB entries into
internal databases. Moving a portable prefix from one ASN to another
qualified as "too radical" a change, despite it being a semi common

Having those who use routing registries clearly state this policy
somewhere, and state exactly how and when they take the updates would
save much aggravation on the part of many.

> If you do either of the above, chaning a public IRR (once) is easier
> than changing n private databases. The alternative is no filtering.
> Hopefully natural selection will take its course on transits who
> do this on a regular basis.

If common and consistent tools and rules were used to build filters from
a SINGLE public database, and if the database site listed contact
information and test addresses for each network using the database, I
think folks could live with that.

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