Shakespeare @NANOG

Owen DeLong owen at dixon.DeLong.SJ.CA.US
Tue Apr 6 17:12:13 UTC 1999

For those interested in the Ashalnd side-trip, I have purchased the
tickets today.  I got 6 tickets at $27 each.  The seats are in rows
two and three and are at the far right side.  Four seats in row
two and two seats in row three.  When I called this morning, there
were only 69 tickets left and this was the best I could do.

If you would like to see a map of the theatre, you can view it
at  If you want more
information on the Oregon Shakespeare festival, you can view
it at  The Bowmer theatre is a very
small intimate playhouse, and there aren't really any bad seats.

People flying with me from the bay area have first priority on
these tickets.  If there are still tickets left, people who
wish to fly with me down to Ashland will have first priority
on the remaining tickets.  Finally, I will keep a waiting list
of people who want to drive to Ashland (plan a 2-3 hour drive)
if there are still tickets available.

I will finalize all seats on the aircraft and the theatre tickets
by 5/10/99.  I will keep a waiting list open after that if there
is interest and notify people in the event of any cancellations.


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