My mistake...Teach me to quote from memory

Owen DeLong owen at dixon.DeLong.SJ.CA.US
Mon Apr 5 18:25:17 UTC 1999

It's been called to my attention (Thanks EK) that I should have looked
at a chart before quoting what I did about Eugene.  I'm exactly right
about Ashland, OR, and I've made that trip several times before.  However,
what I thought was Eugene (the larger airport just north of Ashland)
in my memory is actually Medford.  This has very few impacts to what
I said, but here are the differences...

The trip to Ashland from Eugene via air is approximately 1 hour each
way.  (This is still no problem and I hope others will still be
interested).  The Oregon Shakespeare festival puts on Excellent

The flying time to Eugene is probably about 45 minutes more each way
that I had initially anticipated.

I assure everyone, I will have a detailed flight plan based on correct
navigational data (charts, databases, etc.) and current weather
conditions prior to commencing the flight.  If weather conditions
are visual, I plan to fly as close to a straight line direct to
Eugene as possible.  If we are faced with Instrument conditions,
I'll plan the most direct route possible with the navigational
facilities available at the time (this is usually pretty close to
direct along this route).

In either case, if people want to make a side trip around Shasta,
it's on that line, so that won't be a problem.  Bring cameras.


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