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Mon Apr 5 05:07:56 UTC 1999

OK, we are going to give you the power!  You have worked with other
companies or heard the sad tales of woe from frustrated networkers. 
What if you could put together the ideal network marketing company?
What characteristics would you build into your company? How would you
treat your distributors?  Let's see...

1) First you'd need products that people want, need, can afford, give
results, and are in demand. This is a must. (What if you had products
with 9 years of extensive double blind studies, worked in seconds or
minutes, and affordable! What if you could add products announced on
CNN and weight loss products that really work! Naw!! Really?? This is
only a dream, right?!)

2) Then, you would want a company who would be willing to expose
products thru the media, at their cost:  TV and radio commercials,
newspapers, talk shows, etc., to help you get the word out.  Offer
people the chance to purchase products thru an 800 number while
viewing or listening to the advertisement. (I haven't seen anything
like this before! Could you just imagine!)

3) Then you would want your ideal company to let you share in the
generated from this media exposure.  Imagine what kind of volume this
national exposure would generate. (What company would do this? We had
nothing to do with these sales! This would be radical!)

4) Wouldn't it be great if we were given the names and addresses of
people who ordered product this way, so that we could follow-up with
the customer to either sell more product as needed or introduce him
or her to our ideal business opportunity. That would take care of our
distributors having to constantly be finding their own qualified
leads. (Companies now let us find our own leads, they follow-up with
these people and THEY pocket the proceeds!)

5) You would want your company's compensation plan structured in such
a way that we wouldn't need hundreds or even thousands in our
downline before we start earning a decent check.  Most people cannot
do this. (True, but who's going to tell you this when you start?)

6) Wouldn't it be great if we could share in the successes of other
distributors, and not just those that are in our downline. We would
everybody to be successful, not just some. (Nope - all we can do is
the others' success!)

Yes, wouldn't it be great if a company like this existed?  One that
confronted all the major drawbacks in this industry and actually
solved them....a company that was built by distributors, for
distributors..... a company that would want it's distributors to be
successful....wouldn't it be great?

Introducing the nation's first and only Wave5 company, a company that
done all that and more!  For more information about this
unprecedented business opportunity -- please email:
   mailto:bigwave5 at
or mailto:bigwave5 at

now for complete details. You now have the power to achieve your

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