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Patrick Greenwell patrick at
Sat Apr 3 02:50:13 UTC 1999

Many of you were upset about the redirection of to 

So was I.

Rather than just scream about it, which is great for getting all that
pent-up frustration out but doesn't really address the issue, I decided
to try to find a solution. 

Here's what I came up with: (yes, I know it doesn't have a host name, that's up
to you...)

What I have done is created an identity neutral website where you can
register domain names, get whois information via a web interface, and
modify information. Kind of like what used to be. 

It isn't finished yet, however if an option is present on the site, it
should work.

I am using the excellent "Super Whois" located at

Special thanks to J.D. Falk for hosting the site. 

Comments/suggestions/bug reports welcome.

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