Owen DeLong owen at dixon.DeLong.SJ.CA.US
Fri Apr 2 17:58:28 UTC 1999

However, I think some people on the list may be interested...

I am flying a Cherokee Six (6 person single engine aircraft) to the
May NANOG.  Currently, two seats are occupied.  I'm looking for additional
people who would be interested in flying up with me.  I plan to leave
San Jose Sunday morning (5/23) around 9:00 to get to Eugene around Noon.
I have four seats available.  Plan is to share rental costs on the airplane,
divided equally amongst myself and the passengers.  The airplane rents
for $112/hour and I estimate we will log around 7-8 hours on it.
That's about $900 worst case.  If we get 6 people in the plane, that works
out to about $150 each.  Fuel is included in the rental rate.

I'm also planning to organize a side-trip to Ashland on Sunday night.
There is an 8:00 PM performance of Othello in the Agnes Bowmer theater
which is part of the Oregon Shakespeare festival.  There are currently
three seats occupied for that side trip, but the first three people who
sign up for the bay area run have priority on the remaining three seats
for the side-trip.

I am a Private Pilot, Airplane Single Engine Land.  I have an Instrument
Rating.  I have over 600 hours of flight experience, including more than
200 hours in actual instrument conditions.  I have never been involved
in an incident or accident.  I have convinced four people who were afraid
of flying even on commercial airliners to fly with me.  One of them is
working on his private pilot certificate.  The other three fly every
chance they get.  If you have been in a small plane, then you know how
much fun this can be.  If you have not, this is a great opportunity to
see aviation from a whole new perspective.  Everyone in this plane can
see out the front windows and hear everything that's happening with
air traffic control.

The flight from the bay area to Eugene is a beautiful flight with
spectacular scenery along the way, including Mt. Shasta.  We'll
probably pass by Mt. Shasta about 500-1000' below the peak.  The
view is spectacular.  If people are interested, we will even be able
to circle the mountain.

If you are interested, please e-mail me.  I will reserve space in the order
in which I receive email replies.

Pilot: Owen DeLong
Airplane: N33076 Piper Cherokee Six (300 HP)

Disclaimer:  As with any air travel, this flight would be subject to delays
or cancellation due to mechanical or weather problems.  This aircraft does
not have the same weather capabilities as a commercial airliner, so there
is a slightly higher chance of the flight being delayed or diverted due
to weather.  However, in late May, the odds of unfavorable weather are very
very small.


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