ingress filtering

John Fraizer John.Fraizer at EnterZone.Net
Sun May 31 00:41:39 UTC 1998

>>Might I recommend that you actually drag out a packet sniffer and look at a
>>REAL network to see it for yourself?  We all know that MS of ALL companies
>>believes that RFC means Request For Compliance and since it's only a
>>request and not a mandate, they often opt NOT to conform to standard.
>Packet sniffer shows no NetBIOS over IP traffic at all.  Sorry.  Try again.

You must have a lame sniffer.  I show encapsulated packets with ours just
fine.  I guess it could be the silly operator and not the silly sniffer
that has the problem though.

>The packet sniffer shows nothing wrt port 137.  I admit when I'm wrong, but
>since I'm not, I won't
>Have a nice day.

Will do.  Please give me directions to Utopia though.  Since you live there
and don't see any netbios traffic with your sniffer, I would like to
vacation there.

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