Why does Sprint have address filters again?

Karl Denninger karl at mcs.net
Sat May 30 19:26:37 UTC 1998

On Sat, May 30, 1998 at 12:59:27PM -0500, Sean Donelan wrote:
> >5. One is financed by the government out of your taxes and is merely an
> >accounting formality much like a customer ID number. The other is funded
> >by a corporation that has no government funding and must support itself
> >not unlike most businesses and the number is a critical infrastructure
> >identifier something like an NPA-NXX.
> Technically, the USF is an industry-funded fund (sic? redundant). The SLC
> is an independent not-for-profit entity (gosh sounds like ARIN).  The
> Universal Service Administrative Company, a subsidary of NECA collects
> the USF fees and distributes them to the various funds. The money does
> not come from the US Treasury, nor even 'taxpayers.'  The USF money comes
> from subscribers of interstate telecommunications services, much like the
> money for ARIN comes from the subscribers of IP addresses and AS numbers.
> I couldn't find a budget on the ARIN website; but I wouldn't be pointing
> to the SLC as an example of a well-run organization.  Even ARIN at its
> worst doesn't match the SLC for insanity.  (Yes, Kim that was a compliment).
> Maybe if the president of ARIN was paid $300,000/year like the president
> of the SLC, things would be different.
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What is ARIN's Presidential salary?

We don't know, because to date ARIN has refused to release that information
(the salaries of the organization's officers).

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