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At 02:32 PM 5/28/98 -0400, John Fraizer wrote:

> Actually it has nothing to do with WINS.  If all the ISP's would

Bzzt.  Thank you for playing, though.  If it were not for WinS, there
be a second packet being sent, no matter what junk is the payload.

>solid reverse mappings, this would go away.  Microsoft's
>resolver has been extended, when DNS lookups fail, to do a reverse
>query against the target machine so it can use its name when displaying
>stuff via NBTSTAT, etc.  It was designed this way, before the Internet
>became popular.

Excuse me?  I was using the Internet way before Microshaft was a dream
in Bill's
head.  The RFC's you quote were rammed into existance by DARPA to
provide early
ecanpsulation techniques so that companies like MS could say they were
compatible, (instead of using a real protocol) and get away from Novel
them for non-routable protocol support only.  All they did was to take
the same 
non-routable junk and throw it inside an ip packet and call it
compatible.  The RFC's quoted provide a way to make that encapsulation
work, they
do not recommend conversion to that as a standard.  To encourage that
kind of
conversion would be a major leap backwards.  (Wow! let's all abandon our
protocols and use a non-routed local segment only, encapsulated
protocol.  Yippee!)

Now I agree ISP's should do better DNS resolution, but every MS box
plugged into
the net sending a second packet adds up to a lot of junk packets eating
expensive bandwidth.  MS catches the blunt of the critisizm because they
are the
only ones to have adopted such a lame networking scheme, and then forced
down others quotes.

>Before we all rant at MS, I suggest we all read RFC's 1001 and 1002 and
>UNDERSTAND NetBIOS over IP, before we blame ALL the worlds ills on MS.
>Last I knew, they weren't written by MS.
>RFC 1001->
>RFC 1002->
>Author(s): Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, End-to-End
>Task Force, Internet Activities Board, NetBIOS Working Group
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