The Great Exchange

Mark Prior mrp at
Fri May 29 07:19:25 UTC 1998

     > In short, I see no economic basis for such metering, and no moves
     > towards such metering. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt that we're going
     > to see any change in this any time soon.

     There is another reason why some people don't like metering - it
     makes predicting costs much more difficult.  Imagine your local library
     or university dept trying to budget for internet access.

Not sure about the libraries but some of the Universities bill back to
departments based on their traffic level.

     > I think it's a North American view of the world, unsurprising on NANOG
     > :-) Traffic metering is the dominant charging mechanism for permanent
     > connections in Oz and Connect differentiate traffic based on its
     > source (domestic/cache/external).

     How much trouble is it to collect the billing data?

NetFlow is your friend :-) You thrash the collector machines near to
death sucking in the UDP based traffic flow data but it's doable and
not much more complex than just SNMP byte counting.

     What are the relative rates for domestic/cache/external?

10/16/23 cents per MB is the base rates, various discounts apply but
that will give you some idea of the split.


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