Why does Sprint have address filters again?

Michael Dillon michael at memra.com
Fri May 29 00:11:35 UTC 1998

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Karl Denninger wrote:

> ARIN has asserted that individual members (and in fact individual AC members)
> don't have a right to have these types of questions answered.
> It is my counter-assertion that IF ARIN is going to act as a custodian of
> an essential facility (which it is), in the public interest (which is
> currently open and in debate), that not only do the AC and membership have
> these rights, but the general public has the right to full transparency
> within ARIN's operation.

Right. And that requires that ARIN make such decisions with due process.
It does not allow an individual to browbeat the information out of an ARIN
employee. And it does not allow an ARIN employee to make the decision to
release this information without any consultation with at least the ARIN
Board of Trustees. It is especially important that ARIN employees don't
make special exceptions to the existing policies for you since you appear
to be attempting to entrap them by simultaneously demanding that ARIN act
like a public interest organization and demanding that ARIN employees do
special things for you right now that are outside of the current ARIN

> IMHO the network operators within ARIN's "sphere of influence" should 
> consider "waking up" and making their opinions known about this and related
> sets of issues having to do with IPv4 allocation.  

I agree wholeheartedly. But I intensely dislike seeing your attempts to
subvert due process by demanding that ARIN employees work for you merely
because of some airy-fairy title like "Advisory Council Member". I don't
see why ARIN employees should need to jump when you say jump.

> Those who find themselves embargoed from posting to either are welcome to 
> ask me to forward material for them; as both an AC member, and an ARIN 
> member, I have the right to post to both.

That's just plain silly. There are ARIN people on this list and if it's an
issue of importance to the NANOG community then there is no need to hide
the discussion off in a closed list somewhere. I see no good reason not to
have such a discussion here. 

> Then surf over to the CIX web site and read THEIR bylaws.  Compare the two,
> and draw your own conclusions.

No, please don't draw your own conclusions. The last thing we need are
more conspiracy theorists. But it would be decidedly useful if we had a
few more people willing to put some real effort into rewriting the bylaws
or at least digging up some more examples of bylaws from similar
organizations. Karl seems to think that the CIX is similar enough to ARIN
that we can copy parts of their bylaws wholesale. I happen to believe that
the CIX is rather unlike ARIN and would like to see some more examples.

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