Aaron Branham abranham at ind.net
Thu May 28 20:29:36 UTC 1998

I got two nice replies from Sprint.  They won't change their filtering 
policy overnight but they are at least considering it.  I think they're 
interested in listening to customers on the issue, but please don't spamm 
or rant......hey if they do change it I might resubscribe to nanog :)
I removed their email addresses because they didn't post it to nanog.

Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 16:08:46 -0400
From: -removed- @sprint.net
To: Aaron Branham <abranham at ind.net>
Subject: Re:
We have been talking internally about changing the policy for some 
time now.  We are trying hard to figure out what really makes sense.
With our entire core network made up of GSRs, we are capable of handling
very large routing tables.  I think the original intent of the policy 
was valid, even though it was unpopular.  You are right, times have 
changed, and it may be the time to change the policy.  Rational feedback
from customers, such as you, as well as others in the industry will play
heavily in our decision.  However, don't look for it to happen over 
night as the result of some thread on nanog.  
Thanks again for your comments. 


Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 16:01:48 -0400 (EDT)
From: -removed- @sprint.net
To: Aaron Branham <abranham at ind.net>
Subject: Re:
I don't want to get into a religious war over filters and our 
policy in that respect (especially on email :-).  
I just wanted to say that I did clean up the 129.122/16 as much
as possible.  The reason we don't just have one route in there
is that the customer has multiple circuits with static routes.

- Aaron Branham [AKB8] (a at ind.net) <Phone# 317.263.8976>

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