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John Fraizer - Administrator John.Fraizer at EnterZone.Net
Wed May 27 06:29:16 UTC 1998

>You're saying that you never experience packet loss to _any_ destination
>unless it's some kind of emergency situation?  I find that hard to
>beleive.  What if the destnation's network is chronically congested?  Or
>if the exchange point between your upstream provider and the destination's
>provider is congested?  Or some other fill_in_the_blank ongoing
>non-emergency problem at the destiantion?

No. I was referring to packet loss due to problems here at ENTERZONE or at
FNSI.NET.  God knows I we can't control what happens to a packet once it
hits that VA based ISP.  I would swear that they are releaving congestion
on their internal network by load balancing between /dev/null and /dev/void
at the MAEs. (grin)

>I have no doubt that you maintain an excellent network, and that you have
>an excellent working relationship with your upstream provider, but how are
>they going to control what is occuring within {big Tier 1 provider}.

They can't.  But they can weight their session with "medium Tier 1
provider" as  preferred if the agreement allows until "B.T.1.P" gets a clue
or enough complaints from their peers and customers.

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