Wrong /24 Announcement at UU.net / BGP IOS Bug ?

Jan Czmok czmok at ipf.de
Sat May 23 10:30:08 UTC 1998

Winfried Haug wrote:

> Hi !
> (snip)

> hmmm... this could be a solution, but from what source does uunet
> generate this filter-list ?

they generate it by hand and then uploading it via tftp (as far i know)and you know that
this is sometimes problematic because some tftp makes out of
1 2 3 4 the thing: 4 2 3 1 (or vice versa), e.g. screwing up the list. and if they have
an older
announcement of in that list, it gets before the new one -

> yes sure... but the question is, why did uunet change their filters
> within the last days without action from us or our customer ?
> And the magic is, the rest of (e.g is seen
> via

theyx have to change all filters, when a new customer is coming in. Do you see a new
customer onFFM1 or FFM2 the last weeks ? (probably)

> >
> > It's probably time for them to call the uunet support to fix this.
> >
> great !, 2 Tickets are already open, and no response from uunet. A
> company who is about to control 60% of the us-internet market can
> manipulate a lot of things and make a lot of money!.

right. the idea is to call worldcom (i think you/they  get the service from them)

and as far i know we probably switch away from uunet in the future for just this reasons

e.g. it does not make many sense when misannouncements happen)

I have similar problems with uunet breaking my aggregates to let uunet more specific!
that breaks mostly with my downstram customers routing going to usa over our own lines
and flooding
back over the uu.net uplink.

> I would say at least 50% of the german internet isps are connected
> to uunet in Frankfurt. With their wrong announcement, their customers
> got germany traffic over a internation link and paid for this. Whom did
> they pay ? right uunet.... i think this wasnt a wanted effect currently
> but it shows what could happen and who gets money for these mistakes.

and both sides have to pay !!!

> We corrected it by announcing this /24 at mae-ffm, inxs and de-cix but
> it cant be right that we have to change our announcement because the
> world-leading isp has wrong filters.

right. i agree.

> And calling uunet in Frankfurt leads into a 10-minute voice claiming
> your call is important to us... bla bla bla...

i know, probably its time to get a new announcement at the incoming queue"your call is
important to us so do your money!!!" (just kidding)

> i think we gonna sent all 30seconds a mail to help at uu.net :-) hopefully
> their tracking systems beaks down and they are pleased to answer :-)
> or should we announce and route it to /dev/nul...
> or should we dig a hole and put our uu.net problems there into ....

put a "teergrube" on all their networks... (for non-german, teergrube is a spam filter
wholet the ports open till 5 -6 hours to track spam)

> Winfried - frustrated
> PS: even a mail from the german uu.net people (thanks to them!) is stil
>     without response...

vinny: it's weekend - so not many people work only the 24/7 staff - and they are mostly
quite busy doing weird things..


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