Wrong /24 Announcement at UU.net / BGP IOS Bug ?

Winfried Haug haug at seicom.net
Sat May 23 10:19:56 UTC 1998

Hi !

> Hi Vinny!
> As i am thinking about this, i came to the idea that mostly uu.net applies filters
> to their downstreams
> e.g. there are not filtering by as - they filter by access-list
> what i presume is that they use a
hmmm... this could be a solution, but from what source does uunet
generate this filter-list ?
The Ripe-Database contains this route object:

descr:       CALLISTO
origin:      AS6751
notify:      guardian at seicom.net
notify:      guardian at germany.net
mnt-by:      AS6751-MNT
changed:     wh at seicom.net 19980126
source:      RIPE

> access-list xyz permit
> instead of (the correct one):
> access-list xyz permit
> note the difference ?

yes sure... but the question is, why did uunet change their filters
within the last days without action from us or our customer ?
And the magic is, the rest of (e.g is seen

> It's probably time for them to call the uunet support to fix this.
great !, 2 Tickets are already open, and no response from uunet. A
company who is about to control 60% of the us-internet market can
manipulate a lot of things and make a lot of money!. 
I would say at least 50% of the german internet isps are connected
to uunet in Frankfurt. With their wrong announcement, their customers
got germany traffic over a internation link and paid for this. Whom did
they pay ? right uunet.... i think this wasnt a wanted effect currently
but it shows what could happen and who gets money for these mistakes.

I dont care this /24 in the us, because from our view it makes no
difference, but for the german isps it made a big difference.

We corrected it by announcing this /24 at mae-ffm, inxs and de-cix but
it cant be right that we have to change our announcement because the
world-leading isp has wrong filters.

And calling uunet in Frankfurt leads into a 10-minute voice claiming
your call is important to us... bla bla bla...

i think we gonna sent all 30seconds a mail to help at uu.net :-) hopefully
their tracking systems beaks down and they are pleased to answer :-)
or should we announce and route it to /dev/nul...
or should we dig a hole and put our uu.net problems there into ....

Winfried - frustrated

PS: even a mail from the german uu.net people (thanks to them!) is stil
    without response...


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