Wired Q: Embedded NT

Alex P. Rudnev alex at Relcom.EU.net
Mon May 25 09:12:03 UTC 1998

You are wrong a little. The difference is:

- if you use MS and it don't work, your boss blame to BILL GATES.

- if you use FreeBSD (or Linux, through FreeBSD is better for the 
networking) and it don't work, your boss blame _guess, who? - YOU_ .

That's a matter.

> The reason is simple. While we sit here bitching about this "minor"
> issue and that "minor" issue, like the state of the net, the S&M
> (Sales and Marketing, but sometimes I wonder) people are out there
> from Mickeysoft promoting the "No one ever got fired for buying M$"
> message. NT is a >corporate< product. This, in my view, means that
> you don't care if it works as long as you can hire someone else to
> fix it and your budget is maintained. Hell, if we started using "free"
> products, we wouldn't have license fees to pay and my budget to run
> a 100 node NT network would disappear. Budgets = Power in that sad
> world.


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