Wired Q: Embedded NT

Leigh Porter leigh at wisper.net
Sat May 23 16:08:34 UTC 1998

dnewman at data.com wrote:

> It was in Data Communications magazine ;-)
> The switch maker is Berkeley Systems. They licensed NT source and stripped it
> down (I think the IP stack is one of the things they whacked ;-) to run the
> switch. With the obvious exception of M$ RRAS, this is AFAIK is the only vendor
> using NT as a switch or router OS.

I have to ask WHY!? Surly it would be far nicer to download the Linux
source from somewhere since it already has pretty decent networking code
and use that?

What is the point of putting NT on anything but, well, but somebody's
workstation or a server at a push? We already have tons of memory in our
routers without having to add any more ;-)

Leigh Porter

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