cflowd and HPUX

Brad Roldan broldan at
Fri May 22 05:26:33 UTC 1998

*** This is a programming specific question.

   I recently tried porting cflowd over to HPUX (10.20). Surprisingly, I
only needed to change two lines of code in the daemon to get everything
working. The problem is that cflowd core dumps after a few minutes of
running. The following messages appear in my syslog:

May 15 19:02:11 netflow cflowd[1287]: [E] ports.c:327 mmap() failed for
     /opt/Data/cflow/ Not enough space
May 15 19:02:12 netflow cflowd[1288]: [E] cflowd.c:851 manager (proc 1287)
     exited.  Exiting.

   mmap() returns ENOMEM (no more memory) even though I have plenty of
memory left! If anyone has encountered this problem, I'd like to know how
you got around it. (and no, I can't go out and buy a Sun box :)

Thanks for 'da help


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