Off topic : Re: [apnic-talk] Please Moderate or close this list .... (fwd)

Stephen Wolff swolff at
Fri May 22 14:22:29 UTC 1998

>I've seen it all. Apnic decides to Censor...
>Is Cisco sanctioning censorship too? I would think so if Mr. Greene is
>posting from a corporate account.
>Would someone from Cisco wish to comment?

Sure.  That's a stretch, Marc; I believe Barry was not suggesting censorship.

APNIC-TALK has historically been a forum for APNIC users; Barry presumably
subscribed to the list because a lot of those folks are Cisco customers
he's responsible for, and his subscription was a convenient out-of-band way
for him to be aware of their concerns and perhaps respond to imminent
problems before escalation to the customer calling for service.

Barry observed that APNIC-TALK's historic function was being hindered by
Mr. Fleming's postings, and he suggested two ways of dealing with the
perceived problem:  leaving the list open and moderating it, or closing it.
In the latter case, he said that he would - for the welfare of the members
of the closed list - forego the convenience of his subscription, since
(presumably) he is no more a member of the target group than Mr. Fleming.

There are lots of moderated and closed lists, and Cisco people participate
in them as they need to, to get their jobs done.  That fact is unrelated to
Cisco sanctioning anything at all.

Although neither you nor I believe in censorship, we both participate in
the (closed) domain-policy list - with exactly zero implications for the
corporate beliefs of our employers or ourselves.


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