a little thought on exchanging traffic

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Fri May 22 00:26:33 UTC 1998

At 7:18 AM -0400 5/20/98, Sean Donelan wrote:
>The fundamental problem is there are no magic pixie dust in this business.
>Sure, some people like to put out press releases saying how they've solved
>all the worlds problems using the Magic Frambulator.  But what they've usually
>done is ignored half the problem.

Ohmygod! We're out of magic pixie dust!?!  The Internet will collapse in 30
minutes!!!  How could the Internic let this happen?

I'd like to propose an RFC for conserving pixie dust. Maybe a non-profit
arm of the Internic to allocate magic pixie dust on a fair and equal


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