The questions stand

Pickett, David dpickett at
Wed May 20 17:56:19 UTC 1998

My objectives are far more pedestrian than any effort to confuse or
divide the Internet community.  I'm working at getting a handle on what
about the NAPs does and does not work.  I've seen some discussion on
frames vs cells in the NAPs, and that's an interesting albeit
religiously charged subject.  I've heard speakers soap-boxing about the
need for a decent policy-free L2 interconnect.  Are we there yet?  Who's
heading in the right direction?  Does the current NAP model meet your
needs as ISPs?  Do we just light more fibre or do we need a better
solution?  Reply to the list or to me directly.  I'm all ears.

David R. Pickett
Northchurch Communications Inc
5 Corporate Drive
Andover, MA 01080

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