Agent provocateur

Michael Dillon michael at
Wed May 20 17:29:38 UTC 1998

On Wed, 20 May 1998, Jay R. Ashworth wrote:

> Has anyone nominated Jim for the Internet Kooks list, this year?

He's not a kook. He is an agent provocateur who is paid by the telco
industry to disrupt Internet activities. The monopoly telcos want to
be able to show that the Internet folks are not capable of running the
network and that government regulation is necessary. They like a
regulatory regime because they have several generations of experience in
manipulating government bureaucracies to their own advantage and the
Internet currently lacks this. 

Fleming is a very sharp-witted psych-ops who can appear perfectly rational
when it suits his goals. When he acts like a kook he does so in order to
spark outraged outbursts from his Internet guru audience but is careful
that a non-technical observer would se no cause for such an outburst in
Jim's statements. His goal is to methodically discredit everyone who has
any significant role in the design, management and operation of the
Internet and he is paid handsomely enough by the monopoly telco industry
that he can afford to buy a yacht and spend many months of the year living
in a foreign tax haven in the British Virgin Islands. 

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