a little thought on exchanging traffic

Jay R. Ashworth jra at scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us
Wed May 20 15:51:26 UTC 1998

On Wed, May 20, 1998 at 09:51:54AM -0400, bob bownes wrote:
> It sounds alot like the multi-tiered proposal I put forth about 3 years
> ago to build local exchanges on top of frame networks in certain cities,
> then interconnect cities to regional exchanges, then interconnect the
> regional exchanges. That architecture takes advantage of traffic
> locality as well as providing a path out for non-local traffic. If the
> individual regional exchanges have a small enough number of
> participants, they are easier to manage, and should one participant have
> alot of traffic going to regional or inter-regional exchange, you simply
> install a PVC to there. There is some breakpoint for scaling however...

Naaaah, Bob.  That would mean that there might actually be some
geographic locality of reference to Internet traffic -- you know, my
telnet from Tampa to Auburndale, Florida, might actually not go via
Orlando, Atlanta, DC, and MAE-East in New Jersey.

And that would never be acceptable.

Just ask Sprint, AT&T, GTE/BBN, and MCI.

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