a little thought on exchanging traffic

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Wed May 20 15:22:47 UTC 1998

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>Subject: a little thought on exchanging traffic
>Anyone thought about eliminating large physical exchange points and
>them with a more distributed architecture?

Actually, this is a good idea, if the co-location or adequate locations to
place access equipment and transit routers can be found in the area, or
build-out for each provider is an option.

If I could charge for the cross-metro transit at say, $1000/month for a
dedicated T3, do you think that the concept of a carrier hotel would go
away?  If so, which cities should be first (like toasting MAE-EAST?)?

On a similiar note, what if a company were to create a "virtual exchange
point", where backbone providers could order service anywhere in the country
and get transit to their peers elsewhere for a flat rate.  IE, if I run a
4xOC-12c ATM network nationwide, and let transit occur between peers over it
rather than at a co-lo facility.  I can imagine charging around 5K a month
for a DS3 circuit with PVC's to around 5 peers.

Opinions anyone? (VC anyone?)

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