Suggestion for improved identD

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Wed May 20 02:41:38 UTC 1998

Ehud Gavron writes:
>Suggestion:	PPP access devices intercept identD requests
>		and return the authenticated access string.
>Reasoning:	Modern ``stacks'' used by end-users -- especially
>		those on throwaway accounts, fake any identD response.
>		This makes tracking those people tougher.
>Methods:	1: identD v2, new port, intercepted by access devices
>		   which support it.
>		2: modification to hosts requirement RFCs, making
>		   access devices responsible for intercepting identD
>		   requests to their PPP clients.
>		3: a security RFC ``suggesting'' 1 or 2
>Thoughts appreciated, as are comments, flames, blames, and anything
>of some content.

I've done this for a couple of internet providers in Western Australia.
Either by using transparent proxying under Linux (one used a Linux term
server..), or a route-map to a *nix box on a Cisco.

There are a few privacy issues too - if you want to see who is online,
you just send out ident requests to all dialup lines, and the 'real' idents
are returned. One Perth ISP fixed this by using a hash of the username.
That fixes IRC bans (so they can just ban *!*[email protected]* ) .. and if
someone wants to track a user down, they ring the ISP and hand over the


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