DS1 test units, T-Birds and the like

Chip Rosenthal chip at unicom.com
Tue May 19 02:00:00 UTC 1998

Chad Skidmore writes:
> The TTC T-Berd 224 would be a good choice for DS1 testing.

In a previous lifetime, I designed subsystems for T1 network
equipment.  We had a number of test sets in the lab (and counted
many of the tester vendors as our customers).  By far, the TTC
units were my favorite.

My mind is hazy ... we had both a T-Berd and a Fire-Berd.  One was
handheld and the other was benchtop.  I *think* the Fire-berd may have
been the benchtop.  That was my preferred unit.

Disclaimer:  this was all a hundred years or so ago, but it ain't
like T1 has changed a whole lot since then.

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