DS1 test units, T-Birds and the like

Chad Skidmore cskidmor at nwnexus.com
Tue May 19 00:51:59 UTC 1998

The TTC T-Berd 224 would be a good choice for DS1 testing.  The T-Berd
310 is a similar unit for DS3 level testing.  The TTC units have several
different software options that you may or may not need (ISDN, various
loop codes, etc).  The price is often times higher than $3-$6k.  You can
plan on spending $10k or more for a well configured test set.

Chad Skidmore
Director of Network Engineering
Northwest Nexus, Inc.

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> Subject: DS1 test units, T-Birds and the like
> Can anyone recommend DS1 diagnostic equipment? Something 
> similar to what the LEC
> would use when you ask them to test the line.. I am aware 
> that these units
> range around $3K-$6K each and that you would want to get 2 of them.
> Thanks.
> Marko Bukvic
> marko at pfmc.net

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