renumbering and roaming

Phillip Vandry vandry at Mlink.NET
Mon May 18 18:06:48 UTC 1998

> On Mon, 18 May 1998, Blake Willis wrote:
> > Would it be terribly unreasonable to suggest assigning a reserved /24
> > explicitly for internal ISP services such as those listed below, and write
> > up some sort of rfc for the whole ordeal, so that there are no conflicts
> > with 1918 space? 
> > 
> > 	-Blake
> Anyone care to co-author an RFC suggesting a sensible global standard for
> "local" mail relays, time servers, resolvers etc so that dial-in people can
> roam without getting filtered, blocked etc?

How about defining 192.x.y.port-number, where port-number is the port
number of the service. 192.x.y.53 is the DNS server, etc..

Nah, good idea, but too many useful services with port numbers > 255, so
it doesn't work too well.


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