ARIN allocating /20 netblocks?

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Sun May 17 18:43:27 UTC 1998

On Sun, 17 May 1998, Michael K. Smith wrote:

> Let's not forget to mention the 10,000 dialup customers who have to 
> change their DNS numbers.  We have sent snail-mail and e-mail over and 
> over again, yet only about 1/3 of that 10k have actually made the change 
> away from the old numbers.  How many of those customers do you think 
> we'll lose when we officially turn off the old ip's?

We have the same problem on a smaller scale.  What I chose to do at least
as a short term solution is keep using a few IPs.  i.e. the IP's we gave
out as DNS servers are now virtual interfaces on one of our
people within our network (mostly dialups) can still use the old DNS
server IPs.  This will cause some "connectivity problems" when UUNet
recycles our old addresses...but hopefully this is just a short term
solution for a temporary problem.

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