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Sun May 17 18:39:38 UTC 1998

Jim Fleming wrote:
> How come all of these discussions about ARIN are not on the ARIN
> mailing list(s) ?

Because the bulk of people on naipr unsubscribed to get away from you,
and nanog is currently the only (while inappropriate) mailing list with
a significant audience.

naipr is certainly a better place for this than nanog.  For those who
are unfamiliar with naipr and wish to join, send a "subscribe" to
naipr-request at

> Could it be  because some of the ARIN mailing lists are not
> available to the public ? Why is that...?

Some matters are only relevant to ARIN members; there is no need to make
members-only announcements public.

> Or...Is it because these are really IANA discussions and there is
> is not a public IANA discussion list ?

Perhaps because RIPE and APNIC customers don't have these complaints;
they're specific to ARIN.  naipr fits the need and is underutilized.

> Will that be one of the first things that the new IANA Inc.
> does...??...(i.e. create an open discussion list)...

I am sure that the IANA will continue to do what is necessary to serve
its customers (the registries).


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