Bork Bork Bork?

Jeremy Johnson jerm at CERF.NET
Fri May 15 19:32:05 UTC 1998

So Tony Bates sends out the CIDR report as usual... possibly 
a bogus I check out RADB...BORK BORK BORK...huh?

descr:       The Reasonable Default Route Project
descr:       This prefix is one of three which is designed
descr:       to accomplish several things.   Firstly, ICM
descr:       will be offering a set of robust and hardened
descr:       default-oriented prefixes which will be made
descr:       reliably available to some of AS1800's peers and
descr:       things downstream from them.  The routing announcements
descr:       will be supplemented with a box that sends back
descr:       appropriate ICMP messages; at some point we will
descr:       also make a view of the default-announcing box's
descr:       knowledge of global routing available to folks
descr:       who wish to accept the default announcement.
descr:       Secondly, this announcement is designed to assist
descr:       ANS in the transition away from advisories.  We expect
descr:       that this will allow people to send in far fewer
descr:       advisory updates than is done currently, without
descr:       breaking reachability between ANS's customers and
descr:       the rest of the world.   This is good for both ANS
descr:       and everyone else.
descr:       Thirdly, ICM will be running some experiments on
descr:       sheer amount of traffic that follows an ultimate
descr:       default, although this must be done without
descr:       examining that traffic for content without explicit
descr:       permission from the originator.  We expect that this
descr:       will help serve as a tool to identify and correct
descr:       problems in the global routing system.
descr:       questions, comments and flames to: smd at, roll at
origin:      AS1800
advisory:    AS690 1:1800 2:1239
mnt-by:      MAINT-AS1800
changed:     frank.rizzo at 980508
source:      RADB


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