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Fri May 15 14:18:13 UTC 1998

Any rational request or comment that any stakeholder (meaning user, network
operator, etc) would like to present I will entertain and be more than happy
to listen to.

My duty as an AC member is to the public.

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On Thu, May 14, 1998 at 08:32:52PM -0400, Dean Robb wrote:
> At 17:14 5/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >
> >Right now, I haven't seen any input from ARIN members indicating this
> >is somethign desire.  I don't see raising the issue to the advisory council
> >unless the ARIN membership desires this.  (If your not an ARIN member
> >then your opinion may not have any weight with the AC.)
> >I think its a reasonable idea, but I'm not inclined to go against the
> >wishes of the membership.
> I must say I find your attitude....appalling.  
> 1.  How can you say you're not inclined to "go against the wishes of the
> membership" if you don't even ask the membership what their wishes are?
> I'd lay odds that no one has even thought about the issue, let alone decide
> if it's a weighty matter.
> 2.  You explicitly say that unless I'm a member, my opinion may carry no
> weight with the AC.  Does that mean that I can't have a good idea unless I
> first pony up $1000?  How positively absurd and insulting...to the other
> members.
> Mr. Dillon said "IANA and ARIN and RIPE and APNIC are composed of some very
> ordinary yet clueful Internet folks that are capable of recognizing a good
> idea when it is explained to them.".  He did NOT add the codicil that
> people must have paid One Thousand Dollars for the privilege of presenting
> an idea to these clueful folks.  I sincerely hope and trust that others
> don't think that only the elite few can have an idea.
> 3.  It's too late, anyway.  I'm NOT a member but have made the suggestion.
> Hopefully, some forward-thinking, intellegent members may see this and
> think it worthy of discussion.
> 4.  Of course, you can ignore the issue and let the ARIN database
> deteriorate to the state that InterNIC's WhoIs is in.  Shall we take a poll
> on how many people are happy with IT?  Far better to deal with a problem
> while it's small and keep it from becoming large.
> 5.  I sincerely hope other members take you to task for your attitude.  If
> all members have your mindset, I wouldn't join even if I DID had a spare
> grand sitting around.
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