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James Rishaw jamie at
Fri May 15 15:19:43 UTC 1998

Paul Vixie wrote:
> If NSI should ask me to restrict outbound zone transfers, then I would of
> course immediately ask the IANA whether to comply with that request.

There are issues that come up outside of just "I want the COM tld", which
I haven't seen anyone address yet:

- Registration of domain names under NDA;
- Registration/Allocation of IP addresses under NDA.

By "under NDA," I mean, for example, this: Company X wants to get a /19
for its Internet gatewaying to the Internet.  They will give information
to ARIN to justify the IP addresses (which there /is/ an NDA agreement for);
however, they do not want contact information available on the Internet.
Say they want the same for their domain name - Something that doesn't really
make sense, like XYTSDGC.COM, a "secret" domain name for their outside
sales force, extranet/customer information, etc.  -- Yes, it's not really
a "right" thing, because if abuse comes from that IP range or gatewayed via
a mail relay from (or some other abuse) it becomes difficult to
track -- But the issue still exists.

I wonder if this has been brought up before, and what the results of this
have been (and if NSI or ARIN have replied publicly).

Back on topic--

As far as the root zones go, those userid/password combos were only supposed
to be given out to iTLD and root server operators.  It didn't exactly go
that way.. I have one myself.. but I think NSI really is doing the "right
thing" by not giving out zones.  The only reason I can think of, that one
would need an entire zone, would be for mailspamming.  Other "useful"
things would be webcrawlers getting new zones (altho I dont think it's a good
idea to webcrawl without someone submitting), and to have statistics data.
None of which, just like this post, is critical or important to the operation
of the Internet. :-)

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