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At 17:14 5/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Right now, I haven't seen any input from ARIN members indicating this
>is somethign desire.  I don't see raising the issue to the advisory council
>unless the ARIN membership desires this.  (If your not an ARIN member
>then your opinion may not have any weight with the AC.)
>I think its a reasonable idea, but I'm not inclined to go against the
>wishes of the membership.

I must say I find your attitude....appalling.  

1.  How can you say you're not inclined to "go against the wishes of the
membership" if you don't even ask the membership what their wishes are?
I'd lay odds that no one has even thought about the issue, let alone decide
if it's a weighty matter.

2.  You explicitly say that unless I'm a member, my opinion may carry no
weight with the AC.  Does that mean that I can't have a good idea unless I
first pony up $1000?  How positively absurd and insulting...to the other

Mr. Dillon said "IANA and ARIN and RIPE and APNIC are composed of some very
ordinary yet clueful Internet folks that are capable of recognizing a good
idea when it is explained to them.".  He did NOT add the codicil that
people must have paid One Thousand Dollars for the privilege of presenting
an idea to these clueful folks.  I sincerely hope and trust that others
don't think that only the elite few can have an idea.

3.  It's too late, anyway.  I'm NOT a member but have made the suggestion.
Hopefully, some forward-thinking, intellegent members may see this and
think it worthy of discussion.

4.  Of course, you can ignore the issue and let the ARIN database
deteriorate to the state that InterNIC's WhoIs is in.  Shall we take a poll
on how many people are happy with IT?  Far better to deal with a problem
while it's small and keep it from becoming large.

5.  I sincerely hope other members take you to task for your attitude.  If
all members have your mindset, I wouldn't join even if I DID had a spare
grand sitting around.

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