Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Thu May 14 22:26:10 UTC 1998

>One item that is currently before the ARIN Advisory Council is a
>suggestion that we publish a map of all currently allocated IP space and
>keep that map up to date. If we do this then I think it solves this
>problem if people keep verifying their filters against the map or if they
>generate their filters based on the map.

You mean like



One which may be usefull is registering the 'unassigned' IANA blocks
in the IRR with a special AS number (e.g. AS0 or AS65535) so people can
use the RtConfig tools to create filters by exception (e.g. NOT AS0)
But there is already so much junk like in there already, I
hesitate doing it.
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