Core router bakeoff?

Michael Dillon michael at
Thu May 14 08:29:10 UTC 1998

On Mon, 11 May 1998, Brian Moore wrote:

> This is going to sound mean, but it isn't intended to be :)
> Cisco's documentation on Kerberized telnet is actually pretty darn good.

So what do you do when you're at a conference, your laptop has been stolen
and the cell phone rings?

If you were using ssh for secure access then the answer would be to find a
machine with a web browser, go to and download
the 30-day free trial version of the Windows or Mac ssh client as
appropriate, and, voila!, you have secure access to your network. But,
alas, if you are using a Cisco router, you cannot get in directly but must
instead use a UNIX host as a proxy, either to get access to a backdoor
network or to get to a Kerberized telnet client.

It would be nicer if Cisco would support sshd but I suppose that would
make the PCMCIA flash cards into munitions that are illegal to export...

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