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Wed May 13 23:09:48 UTC 1998

On Wed, May 13, 1998 at 05:07:38PM -0500, Sean Donelan put this into my mailbox:
> >Looks like PSInet is demonstrating their complete and total lack of clue
> >again.
> Who has less of a clue?  A provider that announces a, or
> a provider that listens to junk like
> It doesn't matter what junk is announced, *IF* you could get providers
> not to listen to it.

This would get into the discussion about authenticating BGP again,
but what happens if IANA and ARIN get all cozy (no, I don't want to
think about it) and ARIN decides to allocate some /18's out of 1/8?
How do the folks filtering this network (because it's a reserved number)
know that it's gone from being reserved to active use?

Maybe i'm just nitpicking, but with the so-called 'IP shortage', it
would make some amount of sense that some of these reserved blocks will
be opened up more and more. I don't like the idea of screwing over
some poor new guy's connectivity just because engineering folks have
better things to do than do 'whois's on their filters every week.

Or is there some historical/technical reason that I'm not aware of
for not listening to 1/8?


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