Jay Borkenhagen jayb at att.com
Wed May 13 21:53:16 UTC 1998

Klaus> Can anyone enlighten me as to what happend i.e. to the 12.x.x.x
Klaus> range? It seems to be sub-allocated by now, and I see a lot af
Klaus> routes out of that range in my routing table originated by a
Klaus> couple of different providers.

Klaus> Was there a change in policy? Is this into offical allocation
Klaus> by now?  Last but not least, for anyone inside that range: Any
Klaus> problems with prefix length filters so far?

I posted this to NANOG back in October last year:

: AT&T has been assigned 12/8, and we're announcing 12/8.  Customers 
: are being allocated portions of this non-portable space, and you'll
: only see more-specifics when our customers multi-home.  This is just
: like any other CIDR block used for customers.

						Jay B.

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