Spam .. Find the sender !

Dean Robb pceasy at
Tue May 12 05:06:17 UTC 1998

At 12:20 5/11/98 -0400, you wrote:
>	Looks like a UUnet dialup user to me.  I'd say call UUnet's NOC,
>find out to whom this dialup was resold (e.g. Mindspring, Earthlink,
>etc...) and give them a call.  Good luck.

And if the NOC actually provides that info, please drop me a line.  Their
abuse people keep telling us on SPAM-L that they their legal VP won't let
them release the names of the resellers using the POPs.  If there's a way
around'd be most handy...

Mr. Spammer, meet Mr. Mallet...

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