Possible login/password grabbing ploy

barton at cent.net barton at cent.net
Mon May 11 20:12:13 UTC 1998

On Mon, May 11, 1998, Joe Provo - Network Architect <jprovo at ma.ultranet.com> quoth:
>> Nothing at the real provider's home base, INSTANET.COM, reveals anything
>> of interest.  Some kook thinking he can auction off typo domains?

>Heey! I feel special! 

>bash-2.00$ host mindsring.com
>mindsring.com           A
>bash-2.00$ host mindpring.com
>mindpring.com           A
>bash-2.00$ host mindsping.com
>mindsping.com           A

Think you are special? Wonder how The B&N (can't even spell it now after 
looking at the variants they registered) book sellers must feel.



To see some of what these folks have registered.

Sadly that will only return 256 entries. The Internic claims to have not 
given out the entire DNS database since March. Anyone know otherwise, or 
how to quickly get WHOIS to return more than 256 entries on a 

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