Possible login/password grabbing ploy

John Butler fez at mindspring.net
Mon May 11 19:25:06 UTC 1998

On Mon, May 11, 1998, Joe Provo - Network Architect <jprovo at ma.ultranet.com> quoth:
> Nothing at the real provider's home base, INSTANET.COM, reveals anything
> of interest.  Some kook thinking he can auction off typo domains?

Heey! I feel special! 

bash-2.00$ host mindsring.com
mindsring.com           A
bash-2.00$ host mindpring.com
mindpring.com           A
bash-2.00$ host mindsping.com
mindsping.com           A

Someone out there has money to blow. Expect to see forthcoming spam about the
vast moneymaking potential of misspelled donaims.

I suppose obfuscation is one of the sincerer forms of flattery...

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