NOC Phone Number Time (Re: Microsoft NOC?)

Derek Balling dredd at
Mon May 11 16:19:47 UTC 1998

Your mileage can, and definitely will, vary.

Not all 800 numbers map to 880 (a workaround kludge for 800 number access
from outside the US). Not all companies or long-distance carriers offer
(or accept in the company's case) that option for international calls.

Bottom line is that for maximum availabilty, 800/888 numbers are bad form.
The POTS line, or similar DID number should be used in records where
international people may need to access it.


On Mon, 11 May 1998, Foley, Grant wrote:

> >1-800 numbers are difficult to dial outside the US.
> Not if you dial 1-880 instead....
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> >>The reason it is imperative that there be a telephone number for an
> >>ISP is that it's really hard to use e-mail to contact an ISP if the
> >>network connectivity to the ISP is not working.
> >
> >I guess its that time again.
> >
> >Between May 11 and May 15 I will be conducting my Emergency NOC Phone
> >Test.  This is an unannounced test where I call each of the phone
> >numbers given to me by providers I interconnect with.
> >
> >The rules are listed on <>.
> >
> >Although I say its 'unannounced' if you want to tell your NOC folks I'll
> >be calling next week go ahead.  In practice I've found corporate culture
> >tends to overwhelm any special advance notice.
> >
> >In case you are interested, the very best performance in the last emergency
> >NOC phone contact test was by the Defense Communications Agency/DISA NOC.
> >They earned four stars, out of five, losing only one point because the
> >operator did not know how to call their NOC from outside the US.  1-800
> >numbers are difficult to dial outside the US.
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