Brian Wilson wilsonb at
Mon May 11 14:25:53 UTC 1998

At 09:25 AM 5/9/98 PDT, Randy Bush wrote:
>> Is this the correct address for their NOC or should I try elsewhere?
>This is not a NOC at all.  This is a mailing list, read by quite a few
>network operators, many of whom are not impressed by would be operators
>who can not tell a mailing list from a NOC.

Neither are they impressed by people who can't follow simple trains
of thought and paragraph structure.

>I'v fired of an email to noc at but havent got anything yet.

>Is this the correct address for their NOC or should I try

"This" referring to 'noc at' and not 'nanog at'.
I think it was plain from his message ("I need to contact them"
instead of "I need to contact you", etc) that he understood
that 'nanog at' isn't the address for AT&Ts NOC.

It's not that I don't appreciate good flames, I just like
them to be properly directed.



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