Core router bakeoff?

GUESDON Herve CNET/DSE/ISS herve.guesdon at
Mon May 11 10:13:27 UTC 1998

I use both CISCO GRF400 and GateD. I think that GateD is the best
easy to use and develop public routing software. But even if the GRF400
runs GateD, it's not as reliable as a CISCO 7500 per example.
The GRF400 has to much bugs to be an operational backbone router.
For example when you redistribute static routes via BGP, the GRF 
redistributes the adress IP of the non telecommunication port to.
The Ascend technical center is not helpful nor the documentation.
And the performance are limited to an average of 50k pps per card.

But with the time i think that the GRF could be a good alternative
towards CISCO.

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> Objet :	Re: Core router bakeoff?
> Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> > Jon Green writes:
> > > but you are recommending a PC running GateD over a Bay router?
> > 
> > At the low end, sure. They're cheap as all hell, easy to remote
> > manage, easy to expand, and very efficient. With the right software,
> > they are pretty damn nice. Lots of NSPs use the things these days --
> > Daemon in the U.K. used to do nothing but BSD boxes last time I
> > checked.
> You mean Demon Internet ? 
> We've branched out into Ascend GRFs too now ... couldn't find a
> HSSI card for a PC that we were happy with, and the BSD-like 
> feel of the GRF appealed to us (it's nice to be able to run your 
> own binaries on your routers, like sshd).
> Still have lots of PCs. Typical spec would be something like:
> P Pro 200, 128MB ram, OpenBSD 2.2, GateD 4.x, 4 Intel (or Digital)
> fast ethernet cards.
> We're also having reasonable success with some of the 4-port ZNYX
> ethernet cards.
> It's a solution that works so long as you don't want/need all the 
> ethernets running at wire speed, and you're prepared to learn how
> GateD works. :)
>  Regards,
>  Andrew
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